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Ставки на Call Of Duty

Онлайн ставки на Call of Duty

*call of duty - it is a series of three-dimensional computer video games in the genre of shooter, dedicated to the second world war, the cold war, the fight against international terrorism and the possibility of a third world war. the series consists of 13 major games. with each new game series call of duty action they go farther into the distant future. the first game was released in 2003 for pc computers. *

*in 2009, call of duty was ported to the playstation 3 and xbox 360 in hd-resolution. only in 2004 did not leave any canonical games in the series and only in 2006 did not leave a single game for the pc. if youre a fan of esports, you are sure to be interested in betting on the cod matches. call of duty game has several modes. the main one is a single and multi-player modes. *

*apart from these there are a dozen secondary characters: captain michael foley (usa), sergeant thomas modi (usa), captain price (united kingdom), sergeant makarov (ussr), and many others. esports call of duty allows you to win in betting on matches. one of the best portals bets on call of duty is cybbet.com. in single player you can play for one of the three soldiers in the second world war: an american paratroopers ordinary joey martin, an englishman sergeant jack evans and red army soldier alexei ivanovich voronin. *

*besides protagonists game series call of duty has also negative characters - antagonists. the number of negative characters include an officer of the navy of the third reich schmidt, kriegsmarine soldier who served aboard the battleship "tirpitz" and similar character, but rank higher - kriegsmarine officer. the game features three campaigns spanning several periods of the war from 1942 to 1945. in each of several 26 campaign missions. multi-player game is played on one or more of recycled single map. *

*the user can choose one side: axis, the allies or the red army. the game has 6 modes of the network. a player gets points for kill. for suicide, point deductions. if the player dies during the fight, he almost immediately resurrected in a random location on the map. winning player is the greatest number of points earned. in addition to murder, and points are awarded for time spent in combat. earn for the new game series - to bet on call of duty.*