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Ставки на HearthStone

Онлайн ставки на Hearthstone

*hearthstone game created on the warcraft universe. the literary basis is the confrontation of the horde and the alliance - long war of extermination fractions. hearthstone: heroes of warcraft is an online trading card game based on the incremental transmission system moves between opponents during the match using a pre-prepared packs of cards.*

*hearthstone is not part of the overall story and the whole gameplay is presented matches between two players in different game modes. before the start of the match, the player collects a deck of 30 cards and starts looking for the enemy in a specific game mode. hearthstone esport is one of the most exciting sports. playing on the hearthstone bets, you can achieve stunning results. *

*to begin each player must choose a character. the game features nine classes of characters. maps hearthstone esport are very different: the base that every player receives a free, or expert. each expert card has its value: white (the cheapest), purple (the most expensive and powerful) and legendary (orange). there are also gold cards, which are animated. to create other cards must be on the cards from the booster to get arcane dust.

*enhance a fun game you can play bets on hearthstone on matches hearthstone esport.the goal of the match in the hearthstone esport - to beat the opponent and kill his character. in all actions spent mana. there are four modes in the game hearthstone: arena, play, tavern brawl and solo adventures. players can create tactical combinations. after winning player gets gold coins, which can then be spent on the purchase of boosters. *

*the more rounds won by a player in the arena, the more significant reward - he gets not only a higher rank, but also a large amount of arcane dust and gold. this game is many times repeatedly won awards as the best game of the year in the category mobile game, game of the year, the best online game, the best strategy, etc. in 2017 hearthstone esport total prize pool of over $ 2 million.*