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Ставки на World Of Tanks

онлайн ставки на World of Tanks

*world of tanks (abbreviated wot) - this is the first most popular online game of class mmo-action, entirely dedicated to the armored vehicles of the 20th century.each player has the opportunity to fight with the fans of steel machines around the world, claiming world domination tank in the world. when betting on world of tanks, you will greatly increase your presence in the realistic tank battles.

*the game features several countries - parties to the conflict, namely the soviet union, china, japan, czechoslovakia, france, germany, usa, sweden and the uk. there are more than 450 models, divided into 5 technical and tactical types: light, medium and heavy tanks, self-propelled guns and tank destroyers. each tank has unique combat characteristics, which allows to choose the perfect equipment for your style of play.*

*players fight in battles 15x15 players in several different modes, are the majority of which comes down to destroy all enemy tanks. wot esports is the pinnacle of creative pro-gamers. make a bet on world of tanks - is attached to the beautiful! the ideal advanced pumping scheme will allow players to try any of the vehicles only need to get to her in the line of the country. *

*of great importance in world of tanks is paid to the historical authenticity of combat vehicles. this applies to their appearance, close to booking realistic availability of internal and external units and crew. but you will not succeed, and a sufficient number of points alone. in the world of world of tanks is all about the collective struggle, because the victory - it is a merit of the whole team. *

*colorful fields of eastern europe and korea, the narrow streets of german cities and even the legendary prokhorovka village - it is only a small part of what you will see at the very beginning of the game. a huge number of maps with the open terrain and dense urban areas will allow you to use their tactical schemes, according to your strategic combat and gaming purposes. betting on world of tanks available as they become open tournaments.*